At Specialty Engineering, we have CNC milling, turning, wire cut EDM and water jet cutting. 

Also, we have many years of experience in designing, building, and programming special automated machines. 
Yet another facet of our business is fabrication and machining of weldments which many times become a part of our special machine projects.

Gages, leak testers, assembly units and production welding fixtures are some examples of special machine projects we can accomplish from design to final try-out approval. 

Last but certainly not least we design and build sheet metal stamping dies. Progressive as well as other types of dies have been a major part of our business for many years and still are.

The bottom line:  Specialty Engineering is capable in a wide range of industrial areas, mostly because we have employees who have gained invaluable experience as we have worked hand-in-hand together for many years.

Bruce, it’s been 39 years since I came to work for Arvin Industries in Dexter.  I have seen a lot of changes in that time, including transitioning from Arvin to ArvinMeritor, Emcon Technologies and now Faurecia Emissions Control Technology.  One thing that has remained constant through the changes is the excellent level of service and support I’ve received from your entire organization.  It makes no difference whether I come to you personally or anyone else in your shop; I have always received full attention and prompt reaction to my request. 

Now that I am retired, I have had time to reflect back on the help you have provided to our organization and I am grateful to you for that help.  Your good service along with the excellent quality of work at a fair cost certainly made my job easier ---- Thank You!

Phil LeBeau
Plant Engineering Manager (retired)

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